What are Top-Selling Rolex Watches?

Undoubtedly, Rolex is one of the market’s most highly regarded luxury watch brands. It has now been ruling the industry for decades. The timepieces by Rolex have been wore by everyone, be it Pablo Picasso or Brad Pitt. However, if you own a Rolex watch already, you should replace it with a new one. In this case, you will have to sell your old one. After you have made up your mind, sell your watch to us! At, we specialize in purchasing new, used, and vintage watches by Rolex. But what are top-selling Rolex watches? Based on our analysis and years of experience, we specifically like Submariners, Daytona, and Datejust.

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When analyzing what top-selling Rolex watches are, Submariner is the first on the list. A Submariner was first launched in 1953 with its ability to stay waterproof up to 100 meters. The watch has a design with a rotating bezel that contains a 60-minute gradation. The appearance of the iconic watch is as interesting as it gets. With a dark dial, a chunky case, and a functional bezel, this dive watch represents the standard style of Rolex watches. The current models of Submariners are water resistant up to 100 meters.


Datejust is another popular and most-selling Rolex watch. It was first introduced in 1945, on the 40th anniversary of the company. It is the first official self-winding watch that came with an automatically changing date. The wearer could observe the date and time at the same time. However, the other watchmakers soon copied this convenience throughout the industry. Now, it might seem common to have both date and time on the watches. Datejust has a shiny silver appearance with a circular dial. You can set your watch partially or fully with diamonds chosen by the in-house experts of Rolex.


If you are still wondering what top-selling Rolex watches are, Daytona is one of them. It was first introduced in 1963. The watch received its name from the prestigious Daytona race venue. The watch has been designed by professional drivers with a tachymeter scale larger than average. This distinctive feature of Daytona helps its look. Moreover, it has been recorded as the most expensive Rolex to be ever sold. When Paul Newman wore it, the watch was sold at $17.8 m at an auction.

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